Tuesday, April 29, 2014


 Photo by Vanessa Jackman for MOON Magazine

MOON Magazine is a beautiful new magazine from London, UK. Here is a little Q&A I did with the Creative Director of MOON, Verity Pemberton. 

Could you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind MOON and what you wanted achieve?

MOON came about as I previously did my own fanzine called Don't Know Yet from about the age of 16 and MOON was originally going to be another version of that, but I built up such a large collection of work and collaborations that I just wanted to show all the work in the best possible light so that's how it turned into MOON. I wanted a new start and to print something really beautiful in full colour that people would want to display as well as read.

You have quite a remarkable resume! Working with Rookie Magazine, Florence Welch, Urban Outfitters, Orla Kiely, among many others... How has your work as a freelance stylist and designer led you to being the Creative Director of MOON?  

I just love working on lots of different projects and being busy and because MOON is my own magazine it is the perfect creative outlet for me and all my ideas.

What have you loved most about creating your own magazine?

That it serves as a great excuse to meet new people and interview those who inspire me. It is also the most satisfying thing to hold something you created.

It is such a quaint, lovely little publication! Do you feel that it is a reflection of your own taste/style?

Yes if I were to turn into a magazine I would be MOON.

The styling in the editorial ‘Marli’ has a slight Moonrise Kingdom feel to it. Did you reference Wes Anderson?

Slightly - although it was also the case that I had just slowly built up this massive collection of vintage scout themed clothes and wanted to use all the great props I had, but Wes is definitely a great inspiration just generally. I recently saw the Grand Budapest Hotel which I loved - am thinking I may need to have a Wes Anderson themed party soon!

How did you come to work with photographer Vanessa Jackson?

I first contacted her when I was writing the Alice Temperley blog and wanted to interview her. She then asked if she could photograph me for Italian Grazia so came over to my house and we just got on really well. I absolutely love her photographs and working with her is always so much fun - we have a really great team - me, Vanessa and Jessica Mejia on make-up. 

There are so many fashion publications around these days, many of which are online. Why did you choose to make MOON a print publication?

Because I have to be on a computer a lot for my job as a designer and it's nice to hold something and not be looking at a screen. It also makes MOON feel more real and like a proper publication, something that was really important to me. 

Thanks Verity!

P.S You can buy the first issue of MOON here.
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