Friday, October 19, 2012


Words found in Vogue Australia September 1968.

"What is her image in 1968? She is healthy, long-limbed, clear-eyed, gloriously suntanned. Open, friendly, unneurotic. Clever at making the most of her good looks (a large helping, by international standards). Sexy but not sirenish. Outdoorsy, sportif - with the will to excel in any sport she plays. Adventurous in her clothes, but able to discriminate between the fad-of-the-moment and the true fashion trend. 

Prefers an easy, casual look by day, but is romantic at heart and can do the full glamour bit when the occasion calls for it. Feminine - almost to a fault: she's still too willing to leave all the thinking and doing in politics - from parish-pump to parliamentary level - to her men. A conscientious but unfussy mother. An accomplished cook. An enthusiastic amateur in the arts, who works as hard at broadening her knowledge as at narrowing her waistline. 

A supporter of local charities, willing to devote long hours from her busy life to further good causes. A keen and constant traveller - happy to find that her Australian-made clothes measure up in chic to fashions she sees abroad, and often surpass them in quality of workmanship. Is she an impossible paragon? We think not...and have dedicated the fashion pages of this issue to her adornment, whether she's an elegant grandmother, a sophisticated wife or career woman, a young girl who wants to be a fashion leader in her own age group."
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