Wednesday, February 15, 2012



When you grow up, you are encouraged to be artistic and to express yourself through creative methods. 

As time goes on, the emphasis is placed on other forms of learning and the creative pool shallows. There becomes more pressure placed on you to pursue something else, something 'serious', and in time the coloured crayons and pencils become mere hobbies. 

It takes courage to pursue a lifestyle that doesn't meet other's expectations, yet I often hear of these people being ridiculed for taking the 'easy way out'. This mindset is something that I still try to understand and I often wish I hadn't succumbed to it so easily. 

Don't get me wrong, I understand that the fashion industry is a business. After all, in most cases, clothes are designed to be sold and it is one of the highest grossing industries in the world. But for me, the fashion industry is where business and art come together to create something truly beautiful.

I feel calm when I write, and writing about something creative gives me access to a world that my lack of artistic flair doesn't. For this reason, I hereby promise to myself that I will write more. 

'Colour Me Red' set out to be a scrapbook of beautiful images - something that I could refer back to for inspiration. It wasn't going to be fashion forward or on trend, it was going to be a backseat creative outlet for me. A place where I could collate and admire beautiful things, people, places and moments of time. 

For the most part, this blog has established itself as being just that - a reminder that there are people out there staying true to their artistic dispositions and in their own way, helping make this world a little bit nicer to live in.

So bottom line: I hope you find as much joy perusing Colour Me Red, as I do updating it, and that you enjoy the pieces of writing that will begin to appear between the pretty images. 
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